Routing Strategies

Nuxt i18n module overrides Nuxt default routes to add locale prefixes to every URL with routing strategies.
This feature works under Nuxt routing. It's assumed that you are using the pages directory to control routing.


Nuxt i18n module overrides Nuxt default routes to add locale prefixes to every URL (except in no_prefix strategy).

Say your app supports two languages: French and English as the default language, and you have the following pages in your project:

└── pages
    ├── about
    │   └── index.vue
    └── index.vue

This would result in the following routes being generated

    path: "/",
    name: "index___en",
    path: "/fr/",
    name: "index___fr",
    path: "/about",
    name: "about___en",
    path: "/fr/about",
    name: "about___fr",

Note that routes for the English version do not have any prefix because it is the default language, see the routing strategies section for more details.


There are 4 supported strategies that affect how app's routes are generated:


With this strategy, your routes won't have a locale prefix added. The locale will be detected & changed without changing the URL. This implies that you have to rely on browser & cookie detection, and implement locale switches by calling the i18n API.

This strategy doesn't support Custom paths and Ignore routes features.


Using this strategy, all of your routes will have a locale prefix added except for the default language.


With this strategy, all routes will have a locale prefix.


This strategy combines both previous strategies behaviours, meaning that you will get URLs with prefixes for every language, but URLs for the default language will also have a non-prefixed version (though the prefixed version will be preferred when detectBrowserLanguage is enabled).


To configure the strategy, use the strategy option. Make sure that you have a defaultLocale defined, especially if using prefix_except_default, prefix_and_default or no_prefix strategy. For other strategies it's also recommended to set this as it will be used as a fallback when attempting to redirect from a 404 page.

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  // ...

  i18n: {
    strategy: 'prefix_except_default',
    defaultLocale: 'en'

  // ...

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